Book DJ SuperDave


Get the Family Moving, Dancing and listening to DJ SuperDave’s Family Friendly Music on your own driveway in your neighborhood.
Enjoy, Socially Distanced Safe outdoor Fun activities for all to participate.
Dance & Play Interactive Games on your own driveway.


DJ SuperDave Set-Up

DJ SuperDave will set up his speakers across your street at a safe distance from you and your Family. You will hear all the music and directions coming from his microphone and speakers.

Your Family Set-Up

Requires a minimum of 5 Families and houses near each other with kids from K-8th grade. You can also invite friends to come join on the sidewalk if they don’t live close by, but must remain socially distant to other families. The games and music are geared towards that age group. You and your family will come outside and stay on your driveway to use as your personal dance space and game area. You can compete and yell over at your neighbors next door as loud as you want! This will be the best neighborhood Family Dance Parties EVER.


There is nothing like Music to get Kids dancing, Parents interacting and Fun songs to get the heart pumping with Motivational Dance routines, Birthday Shoutouts and more!
From SuperDave’s Simon Says too Name That Tune, where you can outsmart your neighbors.


Time to get the Family Trivia hats on and see if you can challenge your neighbors. See which Family will win the Name That Tune Challenge and more!

Rock & Roll Bingo

Turn your cell phones into a virtual Bingo card. We’ll play the song, if you know it, and got it, then digitally ink it. Which Family will yell out BINGO first?


For $250 Donation from each Family involved in the Neighborhood Family Dance Parties, you will receive a Two-Hour Interactive Games set with DJ SuperDave that will keep everyone entertained with nonstop engaging Fun & Movement outdoors!